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Adopt-A-Family: Holiday Gift Assistance Program

In collaboration with the Department of Health and Social Services, members and supporters of Delaware Chapter 94 voluntarily contribute annually to sponsor a family at Thanksgiving and/or Christmas time. Since 1973, this program has helped Delawareans struggling with unemployment, homelessness, poverty, illness, and victims of domestic violence. During the holiday season, volunteers are encouraged to “adopt” an individual or family. These special donors provide holiday gift certificates to the head of household of the adopted family for children and the elderly living in poverty. Contact our office or visit the Delaware Health and Social Services website to be a part of this program.



Similar to the Adopt-A-Family program, this program sponsors a student with veteran parentage from May through September. Students are equipped with essential school supplies (backpack, binders, pencils, pens, etc.) at the beginning of the school year. 


Community Food Programs

Based on community need and random acts of kindness, members and supporters of Delaware Chapter 94 participate in Food programs statewide:

Food supplies are collected year round and distributed to organizations as needed. If you or someone you know would like to contribute to a cause, contact our office with a specified date for pick up. 


Feed the Homeless (Summer Program)

The Mary Jane Home Enrichment Center has collaborated with Delaware Chapter 94 to provide free food to deserving individuals at Christina Park in Wilmington, Delaware. Representatives from both organizations are present at 5:00PM every Tuesday and Thursday, during the summer, to keep 100 or so homeless men, women, and children fed and nourished.

Contributions are warmly received by both organizations. Contact Ms. Edna Williams, Executive Director of Mary Jane Home Enrichment Center to schedule pick up or delivery. Help this vulnerable population find small pockets of solace during the hottest months of the year.


Preserving Veteran History

Delaware Chapter 94 identified a crippling need for recording and preserving the history of a rapidly decreasing population of veterans in Delaware. This program is being coordinated by Nolan S. Lewis. Participants must email for further information.


Shelter the Homeless

Delaware Chapter 94 collaborates with other veteran organizations across the State to sponsor temporary housing for displaced veterans. Homeless veterans can find sanctuary through the following organizations;

Applicants seeking assistance can contact our office for more information.


The 12/12 Corporation (Club) – 1 Year Membership

Two qualifying veterans are sponsored annually by Delaware Chapter 94 for membership at the 12/12 Corporation in Wilmington, Delaware.

Originally started by three recovering alcoholics in a vacant house at 1212 Market street, Wilmington, Delaware in October 1966. The clubhouse moved to its present location in 1982 and is the only facility of its kind in the State of Delaware. The organization was specifically designed and established to provide supportive and a “recovery” atmosphere for those individuals and families who desire and need help seven days a week, year round services and programs.

Interested participants must contact 12/12 Corporation at (302) 764 – 4048 or