Preserving Veteran History

Advisory Board

Co-Chair                                Nolan S. Lewis – NABVETS, Inc. Delaware Chapter 94

Co-Chair                                Larence Kirby – Delaware Commission of Veteran Affairs

Member                                Aaron Appling – Victory Church

Member                                Angela Winland – Delaware Historical Society

Member                                Brooks Raup – University of Delaware, Veteran Affairs

Member                                Eschalla Clarke – State of Delaware

Staff                                       Karen Nelson – NABVETS, Inc. Delaware Chapter 94

An Advisory Board of Directors in the veteran affairs arena was assembled in anticipation of implementing this program. The Advisory Board is responsible for guiding the direction of the Preserving Veterans History project by ensuring sound legal governance, focusing on long-term sustainability, robustly participating as advocates, and ensuring transparent financial accountability. This Board comprise of public volunteers and will not be allotted monetary compensation during elected tenure. NABVETS, Inc., Delaware Chapter 0094 Charter Member will elect/approve by majority vote all members of the Advisory Board.

Roles and Responsibilities
• Develop project strategies, establish priorities, and measure program performance.
• Steer the direction of videography and printed biographies.
• Approve media and marketing concepts for projects.
• Propose recommendations to active Charter Members for final approval.
• Other responsibilities developed during the course of the program.


Review Committee

Members for this committee are being recruited in 2017. This committee consists of community leaders from a diverse range of expert areas, such as; veteran services, radio/film production, archives, and university researchers. The primary responsibility of this group is to ensure all applicants are vetted and approved for participation in the program.

Interested parties are encouraged to submit a resume and cover letter to

Administrator                       Vacant (currently recruiting)

Member                                  Vacant (currently recruiting)

Member                                  Vacant (currently recruiting)

Member                                  Vacant (currently recruiting)

Member                                  Vacant (currently recruiting)

Member                                  Vacant (currently recruiting)

Member                                  Vacant (currently recruiting)

Member                                  Vacant (currently recruiting)

Administrative Assistant    Vacant (currently recruiting)


Recruiting veterans in and around Delaware to participate in this program.

Let us share your heroic story with the world!


Program Overview: honoring the men and women who protect our great nation.

This program was developed in 2016 to document veterans stories of time served in the armed forces in one of three ways;

  1. Videography – filmed documentary.
  2. Printed Biography – written article/book.
  3. Social Media – sponsored public Facebook Post.

Inspired by the observed need to maintain and preserve the history of a dwindling population of local veterans from World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War, Gulf War, Somali Civil War, Kosovo War, Afghanistan War, Iraq War, Libyan War, and the war on Terror; this program aims to recruit veterans who would not otherwise have the opportunity to tell their stories. Families of deceased veterans are also eligible to participate in the program and share the stories of loved ones.

Documenting History: eligibility determination and application form.

All veterans, regardless of diversity, discharge status, or service rank, are eligible to participate in this program.

Walk-in paper applications available:

NABVETS – Delaware Chapter 94

12/12 Corporation

2700 N. Washington Street

Wilmington, Delaware 19802

(302) 482 – 2020


NABVETS members often meet veterans to present plaques of honor, provide companionship, or simply lend an ear, and the one thing that’s most common in all the stories told is that these veterans want to share their stories. Sacrifices were made in service to the United States of America and in the modern age of Technology, we can!