If it’s affecting veterans it is affecting us. We are here to help!


Veteran Services Officers

VSOs are here to help you. These Federally certified individuals are accredited by the United States Department of Veteran Affairs in a rigorous vetting process, which includes drug testing and background checks. Our VSOs are waiting to provide veterans and their families with claims processing for;

  • Compensation and Pension
  • Health Care
  • Education & Training
  • Employment
  • Burial & Survivor
  • Housing
  • Transportation
  • Military Records
  • And more

Office Location:                          Wilmington Veteran Affairs Medical Center

                                                     (1601 Kirkwood Highway; Wilmington, DE 19805)

Office hours:                              11:00AM to 3:00PM

                                                    (every first, second, and fourth Monday of the Month)

Contact/Phone/Email:           Nolan S. Lewis, VSO     /     (302) 345 – 6911    /                                            



Are you looking to make a profound impact on the life of veterans and their families? We are looking for individuals like you to fill existing vacancies;

  • Board Members
  • Entertainers for Anniversary
  • Grant Writer
  • Receptionist
  • Review Committee Members
  • Veteran Service Officers

Volunteer today! Send your resume and cover letter to